Sunday, 18 November 2012

CITV Ident and Free Radio viral

A Rude Awakening - CITV Ident from Reg Isaac on Vimeo.

Heres a short Ident i made for Citv. We very fortunately had the privilege of Citv allowing myself and a few other students from the University of Wolverhampton to pitch and make some 12 second idents promoting the channel. Was an amazing opportunity and experience, one im hoping to do again in the close future as i continue my Ba(Hons) Animation course into my second year :)
Free Radio Charity Walk Viral from Reg Isaac on Vimeo.

I also had the amazing opportunity to pitch ideas for a promotional animation competition for Free radio, a local radio station. I was one of the lucky 3 who's pitch got accepted, and was given the all clear to make the final animation, and amazingly ... i WON!!!! i ended up going to a pig shin-dig at some fancy restaurant, talking to 3 ex-england footballers who i didn't even know due to my complete non-interest in football, got paid £200 and given a netbook, so all in all, pretty dam good. As im only in my first year, i think this is a pretty big deal and im truly thankful. i just hope i can keep these awesome opportunities coming!


  1. I really like your CITV animation. Your page looks really interesting, you are really talented, well done, I hope to see more posts from you.

    1. Thank you very much, really appreciate the feedback. I hope to keep uploading new content so stay tuned :P