Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ed Hooks Masterclass

So, yesterday i attended the Ed Hooks masterclass at Animex festival, hosted by Teeside University. after all the organising i finally managed to sort everything out and get a few of the students at my university to tag along with me. Was well worth the hassle and was a great class.

For any budding Character animators out there, i'd recommend one of his classes greatly, he's a great guy and really knows what he's talking about, which is completely understandable considering he's taught aDisney on three continents, PDI/DreamWorks, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Sony, Blue Sky, Black Rock, Ubisoft, Midway Games, Epic Games, Valve Software and many others. He mentions some amazing details regarding the acting and performance of your characters that will dramatically improve your work, on sooooo many levels.

Also, he's a really friendly guy, he was more than happy to give us all his email, and for us to send him any work for feedback, this was the most important thing for me. He doesnt just want to teach his workshop and leave, he wants to keep teaching and help the younger generation know and understand what he already has, this to me is the sign of a true great. Someone that wants the workshop to be the start of the relationship, not the end.

Really enjoyed the workshop and hope i get to meet him again, many thanks Ed.

For anyone that is interested in his book, which goes over all the topics he mentions in his workshop, here it is :)

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