Monday, 4 February 2013

Ive missed life drawing way to much!

Finally got to do some much needed life drawing again. haven't done life drawing in so long, and quite frankly, ive really missed it. It was nice to sit there and and just get on with it, but 2 hours really isn't enough, only just got warmed up and into the swing of things with half hour of the lesson left. Me and a buddy from my corse got talking after lesson and really want to carry on life drawing classes and hopefully will be starting to go on a regular basis outside of uni times. So with a bit of luck, i'll be posting my progress on developing my life drawing skills here as well.

And on a side not, Force: Dynamic Life Drawing for Animators is a must have people. Such an awesome book. ive been dying to absorb it for sooo long and ive only recently had a chance to sit down and read it.

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