Thursday, 30 January 2014

its not a sketch dump, so its just a dump...right?

Ive been a bit quiet recently so i thought i'd give a bit of a check in with whats going down at my end. Here's a shot of my pre production 'sketchbook', and somewhere under there is my bed... i think. My final film is coming together slowly, ive spent the past week or so mainly just sketching out storyboards, trying to nail this story down so i can move on to more fun things. I really suck at story so its been a bit rough, but hopefully it'll all come together at the end  until next time...

At work Ive just finished designing a big election phase branding which has been a new experience. Had to drop the drawing side of things and focus on a graphic design approach. It’s been a big learning curve but fun non the less. I was asked to design cups which was pretty cool, ive never designed cups before. 

and last but not least, heres another brief i recently finished and was actually happy with the design. Went for a very retro, Hanna Barbera feeling.

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